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Major Security Firm

Automated reporting is the key to enhanced security.

ALog ConVerter for Windows

Company B was experiencing the removal of customer information by retired employees. The company decided to implement a solution to detect accounts that have not been used for a certain period of time, as well as to thoroughly manage logs to deter and detect fraud.

–Taking of customer information by retirees has become the norm

Company B has a large number of employees who change jobs to other companies in the same industry. A customer pointed out that customer information was being taken out of the company by a retired employee.
An internal investigation revealed that this was a regular occurrence, and it became necessary to take measures to restore customer trust and prevent information leakage.

–Formal log management and lax access rights management

At the company, there was a strong sense that customers belonged to the sales representatives who cultivated them, and employees were not aware of the injustice of taking out customer information when they left the company.
On the other hand, the company had been using event logs for log management as a fraud prevention measure, but in reality, the operation was limited to acquiring and storing logs, making it difficult to detect information leakage.

There were also cases where accounts of retired employees were not suspended and used for unauthorized access.
Therefore, the company decided to strengthen the control by introducing log management and account management solutions along with security training.

Solutions with less operational effort

–Automation is the keyword.

For log management, the company wanted to incorporate checks by managers in each department into the workflow, and needed to provide managers with log reports that they could understand even if they did not have specialized know-how.

However, it was not practical for the information system department to analyze the event logs and create reports manually, so the solution had to be able to automate log analysis and reporting.

In addition, for account management, it was decided to check for omissions in account suspensions through periodic inventory and to implement a solution that can automatically create a list of accounts on a specified date.

–Practical and low cost

After determining the requirements for a solution, the company compared multiple solutions. The company decided to implement ALog ConVerter and Resource Athlete.

The company evaluated ALog ConVerter for its ability to automatically report an agent-less “operation log” that anyone can see.

For Resource Athlete, we evaluated its ability to report on accounts that have not been used for a certain period of time and its overwhelmingly low cost.

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