Case Study

Major Chemical Company

Log management in a hybrid cloud and on-premise environment

ALog ConVerter for Windows
ALog ConVerter for NetApp

Company E has implemented Microsoft Office365. The company introduced ALog for integrated log management in a hybrid environment of cloud and on-premise.

–Decided to integrate log management with the introduction of Office365
Company E, a major chemical manufacturer, introduced Office365 to reduce the operational burden of version upgrades, etc. and to strengthen security.

The company had always been aware of the importance of log management and had been managing the logs of servers and network devices, but as the number of target systems increased, the operation without using log management tools was reaching its limit. Against this backdrop, the company decided to take the opportunity of the introduction of Office365 to switch to operations using an integrated log management tool.
ALog solves log management issues
–Integrated management of cloud and on-premise logs
When selecting an integrated log management tool, we evaluated it based on the following three criteria.
In selecting a log management tool, we evaluated it based on the following three criteria: “the ability to centrally manage logs, including those for Office365,” “the ability to store logs for a long period of time,” and “support for English.

We felt that the log management function of Office365 was easy to use on its own, but considering the log storage period and the time and effort required to manage logs in individual systems, we thought that centralizing the logs was essential.
–ALog solves the problem of long-term storage of logs.
Long-term storage of logs is one of the most important issues in log management, and the company, which owns a large number of file servers including Windows and NetApp, has been struggling to store the large amount of event logs. However, with the introduction of ALog, this problem was solved. ALog analyzes, converts, and compresses event logs to reduce them to a few thousandths of their original size. This reduces the time and cost of log storage and backup processing.
We were able to significantly reduce the total cost of the project.
–ALog, which allows each user to select their own language
Lastly, English support was cleared because ALog allows users to choose from three languages (Japanese, English, and Chinese) when logging in.

Since the user selects the language at the time of login, the fact that staff who are not proficient in English can use the Japanese interface was not part of the original plan, but it has been highly appreciated.
–Expecting scalability of ALog EVA
Currently, we are only getting Office365 logs in addition to on-premise servers, UTM, and proxies, but in the future, we would like to expand the scope of use to include applications and other network devices.

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